A note on the photographic prints - The images are printed on 100% cotton archival paper with a state of the technology 12 color precision ink jet printer.  The combination of editing, paper, ink, and printer yields prints of superior quality.  The matte paper allows the inks to build up physical, intense, and tactile colors.


I am a photographer and a printmaker.   The final product of the photographic images I capture is the physical print.  A print you can hold in your hand, and experience simply by looking at it.  No screen needed. 


The process of editing a digital image is to make the image captured by the camera into a picture, a picture that presents to the viewer the "feeling" of being in the place where the photo was taken.  The photo becomes a picture not by radical manipulation, rather by defining what is the picture's essence or intrinsic nature. 


The image is primary, but how the image is made visible is of great importance to me.   After the initial editing, many proof prints are made, with much further editing until a final resolution is reached.  The final version is printed on high quality archival 100% cotton paper with archival inks.  This yields a solid and substantial piece of art.  Each print is signed and dated.

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